About Buddy LaHood

I paint abstract and semi-representational paintings with acrylics, other water-based paints, and other forms of mixed media. My work has been described as colorful, energetic, spontaneous, bold, childlike, expressive, funny, quirky, and eccentric. One of the most exciting stages of a painting is when I open a blank canvas and begin making marks or applying paint. It’s like creating a brand new world with limitless possibilities. There are ups and downs and sometimes struggles along the way, but in the end, I usually have a great sense of satisfaction with what God has created through me.
I love to apply paint to a canvas or board and watch as the colors, shapes, lines, and design emerge. I don’t usually have a preconceived subject matter when I start a painting. Once I apply paint and other marks to the canvas, I usually see a composition begin to emerge, and I develop it until it is balanced and pleasing to look at. I often see something whimsical in my paintings. I like my paintings to be uplifting and cause the viewer to smile. A highly respected artist once told me that my paintings are quirky and eccentric. I wasn’t sure if I liked that description at first, but after thinking about it, I must admit that I am a little quirky and eccentric, so he was right; my paintings are a reflection of me. I thank God continually for giving me the desire and ability to create interesting and beautiful paintings.