The journey to LaHood’s style

Buddy LaHood’s art came from his love for God and nature. Although he did not recognize this passion as a boy, his love for art now shines through his style of the strokes. 

When I was about 15 or 16 I got some paints and tried to copy a painting by Winslow Homer of some women picking cotton,” said LaHood. “It turned out pretty good in a Grandma Moses sort of way. It was fun and satisfying but I was too concerned about what my cool friends would think about me so I did not pursue painting in school.

While attending Valdosta State College, one class changed it all for LaHood. 

Four years later when I went to Valdosta State College I took an appreciation of art course and knew that I wanted painting to be part of my life,” said LaHood. “Then I backpacked around Europe the next summer and the art there inspired me even more.”

LaHood’s journey throughout Europe introduced him to artists that would later inspire the creation of his own style.

I used to try and paint like Picasso. I love his colors and shapes and the fact that there seem to be no rules that govern his work,” said LaHood. “Now I have my own style and people tell me that they can tell that a painting is mine because of my distinctive style.”

Europe was not the only increase in inspiration LaHood faced, his following of Jesus made an impact on his artistic style.

“By recognizing God’s supreme creativity and using the talent he gave me to create something beautiful or inspiring,” said LaHood. “I want my paintings to reflect goodness, beauty, happiness, humor. I don’t want to paint anything negative.  I want my paintings to lift the viewer up and make them smile or feel good.”